Christopher Designs Award Winning Christopher Design.

# 120-20267

Christopher Designs Award Winning Christopher Design.

# 120-20267

An exquisite platinum and diamond ring by Christopher Designs. The center diamond is a 1.63 carat H Color, VS2 Clarity, Crisscut Emerald cut. The diamonds on the sides are Crisscuts, also. A work of art. 3.49 carat Total Diamond Weight.

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Crisscut 3.49 Carats Total Weight Diamond Ring

Name Award Winning Christopher Design.
Stock Number 120-20267
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Engagement Ring
Sub Type Diamond Center
Style Luxury Collection, Modern
Material Platinum

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Christopher Designs

Through exacting research of symmetry, proportion and angles, Christopher Slowinski has meticulously crafted a portfolio of proprietary and patented diamond cuts that ignite and release the maximum fire potential within a diamond and provide you with the highest perceived value. Crisscut® diamonds, because of their unique and enhanced cut appear brighter and whiter than the standard-shaped counterparts, exhibiting superior light performance that bursts with fire and brilliance. L’Amour Crisscut® builds upon the dazzling optical qualities of the Crisscut® technology, providing a diamond that is super brilliant, breathtakingly bright, with a silhouette size of up to 45% larger for maximum impact.